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We Believe in Local Business


Local business is the cornerstone of any strong and vibrant community. We take pride in our ability to make marketing easier, more efficient and less expensive for all small business. We’re always looking to sharpen and refine the tools we’ve created to help even more people discover the trades and talents showcased daily within the cities and towns they call home. Local business is the root of community, which is why we remain inspired by, and committed to, the ideal of shopping local, wherever you are.


3 Promises To Our Local Business Partners


We will provide local business partners with a voice that engages the modern mobile customer so they don’t have to rely on inflexible and over-priced discount booklets, newspaper or radio ads to engage customers.  


Deliver each one of our local business partners with the ongoing service, support, and creativity they need to engage customers and drive return visits. 


Allow every local business partner to advertising their business for a low monthly fee, the ability to advertise 5 different offers at once, and do so without a long term financial commitment.  

We Are Your Mobile Advertising Team

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Partner Services

Common Questions


Q: Is GetintheLoop Canada Wide?

Yes, we are working with 5,000 local businesses advertising over 8,000 offers in more than 95 Canadian markets. 


Q: How many ads and offers can a business have on the mobile app?

Each business we work with can have up to 5 offers running on the app at the same time.


Q: How often can the ads and offers be changed?

Unlike traditional inflexible and over-priced traditional advertising discount booklets, newspaper or radio ads, any of the 5 ads or offers can be changed at any time and within minutes.  


Q: How many members have downloaded the mobile app?

To date, 500,000 members have downloaded the mobile app and our partnerships with BenefitHub and CanadianSavers provide us with a combined reach of 2.5 Million shoppers who access the app. In addition, GetintheLoop Niagara reaches 100,000+ local Niagara social media accounts which we use to promote our advertisers to social account owners so they can discover offers and rewards in their local area.


Q: When you say you offer ongoing service, support, and creativity, what does that mean?

It means that we work closely with our Partners. For those that don't have the time during their crazy busy day to make advertising a priority, we become their mobile advertising agency. For those that have the time and wish to manage their own advertising and offers, we teach them how to use our easy-to-use online portal so they can make changes to their ads anytime they want. 

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