Hey, Niagara, we need your help! Every second Monday, we spotlight a local Niagara business that needs your help...our help...to ensure they have a chance at Keeping Their Doors Open as a result of the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns.


The business we're trying to raise funds for today is Berta's B'yzines, located at 3464 Cattell Dr. Chippawa, Niagara Falls


Peggy and Pat have had this store for almost 5 years and we're running a nice business until the pandemic hit and even with both of them working full-time in other jobs, they have run out of resources to keep the doors open.


To the left, we’ve have opened a GoFundMe page for them so people who care about them, care about small local businesses and care about keeping the community they live in vibrant, have the ability to donate to helping Peggy and Pat. We're not asking for much! $2, $5, $10 is all we need and if many donate small amounts, it adds up.


The last campaign raised $2,845 for UpCycle Canada of St. Catherines, and that provided Dave & Jen with the funds to keep their doors open until the lockdown ends and they can finally open their doors again. Here is a link to their video accepting the funds you donated.  


Our focus is on businesses that have not or cannot receive Government support. If any business wishes to receive our help, please contact us on Instagram or Facebook at getintheloopniagaraeast or mainlyniagara.


Thank you so much for your support and Let’s keep fighting the good fight,


Nick Samson & Sheri Hawkins

Niagara local businesses we have helped and are in the process of helping

Help Request from Upcycle Canada
Donation Delivery to Upcycle Canada
Help Request from Berta's B'yzines


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