Canada’s fastest growing mobile advertising platform. 


Reach active customers who think local and want to stay connected.

Will GetintheLoop work for my business?

If you want to reach today’s busy modern mobile consumer and engage them to buy from you without paying for expensive print ads, radio advertising or flyers, GetintheLoop the answer. We work with businesses across many categories including Food + Drink, Home + Auto, Salon + Spa, Sports + Fitness, Shopping Centres, Things to Do, and Travel are just a few of the Partners we serve.


Why Work With GetintheLoop Niagara East


Attract New

We will work with you
to exclusive real-time offers and unique experiences to attract new customers to

your business. 

The best part? We can measure how effective

the campaign is. 


Retain Current Customers

In addition to publishing real-time offers & digital rewards, we help your business stay top of mind with your customers, drive return visits, and increase sales through mobile push notifications, e-mail and social media...all of which we manage for you

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You Keep 100% of
Your Revenue

That’s right, you keep 100% of your revenue. We don’t take a cut and we don’t ask you to lower your price. 

All we ask is you pay your modest monthly no commitment subscription fee. 


We Do All The Work

You get to focus on running your business and we manage the entire process from helping you determine the right offer, creating your offers, post them, manage them, suggest changes and and measuring their effectiveness 

How GetintheLoop Works


You tell us what offers you want created, we design it,  and post them for you. If you need help creating your offer, we’re here to help   

You keep 100% of the revenue while we measure the effectiveness of your and suggest changes, if necessary.

Our ongoing marketing efforts engage Members to download the GetintheLoop app so they can discover local offers & experiences in Niagara

Members discover offers and experiences posted by your business on the GetintheLoop app, redeem the offers and allows them to get more for less. 

How We Drive Customers To Your Location 

We’ll start engaging customers right at your location


We send members 

instant notifications of
your offers

We deliver your offers

Community Membership Drives

We use social media...big time!

We Have 5 Ways To Engage Customers  

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Website Widget

GITL_Website Widget.jpg

Engage your website visitors by having all your offers show up on your brands website
with a by way of our dynamic website widget

We Do All The Work

As Partners, We Both Know What’s Going On

Our Real-Time Dashboard Show Us How Engaged Your Customers Are With Your Offers 


Now, Let’s Talk Value